How To Take Advantage of Post-Christmas Sales

Blog | December 26th, 2018

Move aside, Black Friday, post-Christmas is the new time to take advantage of great sales and deals. We’ll go over the major tips to help you make the best of the sale period and then tell you some of the best places to shop.

Before you join the post-Christmas sale frenzy, consider these tips to help you make the most of the offers.


Make Lists

Shopping during sale times should be no different than any other shopping trip. In fact, fantastic sale prices can compel you to get carried away and spend more than you were originally planning, and buy stuff you don’t really need.

Not only should you make a list of things you need and really want, but you should also have a separate list of gifted items that you may want to exchange or return. Then you can compare and see if you can get what you want from the same places you’re making your returns.


Exchange Gifts And Use Gift Cards Smartly

We all have gotten carried away with holiday shopping. Be smart about not getting too carried away with your exchange and gift card credits. If there’s nothing you need or want right now, remember that you don’t have to use store credits or gift cards right away. If there is stuff you need, though, then definitely take advantage of the post-Christmas sales to get the most bang for your buck.


Buy Holiday Stuff

While it seems like after Christmas is the time to put all the holiday paraphernalia into storage, it’s actually the best time to stock up on holiday-themed stuff. All stores have loaded up on it for the holiday season and are now looking to unload it all. You’ll get the steepest discounts on these items at this time of year,


Buy Winter Clothes

Similarly, clothing retailers are already preparing for their spring lines. After Christmas, they’ll be running deep sales on all their winter clothes. It’s a fabulous time to buy bigger ticket items for next winter, like heavy coats and boots.


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Where To Shop

Department stores offer the deepest discounts during their post-Christmas sales, so definitely check out these major retailers. Also, be sure to check online stores, as they usually offer free shipping during this time in addition to potential online-only promotions.



Macy’s has to be mentioned first, because they may have just been the one to get the post-Christmas sale trend started. They usually open early on Dec. 26 and run their sale from then through New Year’s day. Macy’s always has fabulous discounts, so you know this is going to be good.



Kohl’s wastes no time at all putting deep discounts on their items after Christmas. Usually, you’ll get markdowns of 70 percent off of clearance items and 25 percent of regularly priced items, though you may need to use a discount code or shop online to get that. The sale typically runs for two days after Christmas day.


Old Navy

If you need to restock your wardrobe, Old Navy’s annual Dec. 26 sale day is one of your best bets. On top of their already great prices, they typically offer 30 percent or more off of women’s clothing and as much as 70 percent off of men’s clothes on that day. If you’re shopping on the 26th, definitely check this sale out.



The classic department store has offered some great discounts on regular priced items, like 20 to 25 percent off of your total purchase when you spend a certain amount. They’ll also have sale items on discount for up to 80 percent off.


Bed Bath & Beyond

This is one of the places to take a look at steeply discounted holiday-themed items. Bed Bath & Beyond usually cuts the prices on these items in half.


And More…

Also be sure to check out major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Nordstrom. Their sales tend to offer great opportunities to save.