The Top Industries That Are Hiring in January 2022

Blog | January 23rd, 2022

As the economic downturn brought on by the COVID19 pandemic begins to ease, the future looks bright in some industries. 2022 promises opportunities for those entering or re-entering the job market, as hiring trends point toward significant growth in many sectors. 

Knowing where there is a high likelihood for a hiring opportunity can leave you poised to capitalize. We’re in a job market where there aren’t enough workers to fill all the jobs, so there is a good chance there is an area or field where you can find an appealing niche and a satisfying paycheck. Let’s check out six of the hottest fields.

Hospitality and Leisure

The hospitality sector of the economy was particularly hit hard in the pandemic. Many of these workers are still unemployed. In fact, nearly one out of every three women who left the workforce during the pandemic is still out of work. 

Restaurants, hotels, airlines, and other recreational and tourist centers are starting to rebound. Accordingly, there are job openings in almost every phase of the industry, from dishwashers and restaurant servers to ticket-takers and movie projectionists. 

Large recreational centers and tourist hot spots could see explosive growth as they look to tap into the new enthusiasm for travel and leisure. That means there will also be a lot of jobs that need people to fill them. 

Hospitality is a tremendously diverse industry, so there are dozens of specific jobs that are increasingly in demand and could look for a raise in 2022. Some of the most prominent hiring trends include cooks, editors, costume and other theater attendants, ushers, and even athletes and performers.


Many parts of the retail market were disrupted during the pandemic. Other retail centers saw some growth, as people stuck at home looked for activities and projects to occupy themselves. Some workers left the workforce, leaving job openings in their wake. 

In 2022, retail is due for a hiring boom, as the entire industry needs workers to support reopening shops. In addition to simple store staffing, this boom will have an ancillary boost on hiring in other segments that support retail, like logistics and other back-office networks. So, everyone is in demand, from accountants, truck drivers, and warehouse workers to maintenance personnel.

Healthcare and Healthcare Support

Even before the pandemic, healthcare was on a course toward unprecedented hiring. As the American population ages, it demands the attention of more nurses, doctors, and other clinicians. Now, with more than two years of COVID in the rearview mirror and the virus still driving much of the public discourse, skilled healthcare workers are in greater demand than ever before. 

Tangentially, the support staff that helps the healthcare industry manage patients is also due for a boom. Medical billing, cafeteria, janitorial, security, and logistics personnel are all in demand. The field of psychiatry is seeing a tremendous boom, with increased demand predicted throughout 2022. Occupational and physical therapists are also in demand. 

After taking into account all of these factors and the consistently high demand, you could consider asking for a raise in the new year.

Software and IT Development

With more emphasis on electronic and virtual platforms than ever before, it’s no surprise that there is increased demand for software and information technology staffing. Even entry-level workers or freshly certified workers can find work easily. 

Experienced managers with a more substantial resume can also expect to see ample opportunities in the 2022 job market. This growth sector also ties into the retail sector’s boom, as almost every business focuses on e-commerce platforms and solutions for a greater share of their operations.


2022 is likely to see plenty of building and construction. Many local and state governments are flush with federal dollars paid out to boost the economy. Many businesses are also rethinking their footprints. That means that there is a lot of hiring in the general construction industry. 

Builders, installers, laborers, and designers are all poised to get in on the action. 

Developments in specific aspects of green technology are also driving a hiring boom in the construction industry. Two of the fastest-growing occupations are wind turbine service technicians and solar photovoltaic installers, as wind and solar power generation keep expanding.

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