5 Thoughts You WILL Have This Black Friday!


If you're like me (and every other crazy shopaholic out there) you are counting down the days until Black Friday!

As soon as my Thanksgiving plate is empty, I immediately begin preparing for battle (because let's face it - that's what Black Friday is!). I hit the bed early so I'm sure to be well rested when that 3 AM alarm begins to go off!

But then...wayyy too soon...that 3 AM alarm begins to go off. And this is when all those all-too-familiar thoughts begin to come back and I start to remember...didn't I say I would NEVER do this again!?!

If you have ever had one...or even ALL...of these thoughts on a Black Friday before, SHARE this video! 

And for some of the tips on secret ways to save this Black Friday, check out THIS article from our very own Frugalista! 

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