7-Year-Old Girl Is The Only Survivor of Deadly Plane Crash. See Why People Are Calling Her Story a MIRACLE!


"To survive anything like this is really, really extraordinary," Aviation Consultant, Colonel Steve Ganyard, says as he tries to understand how 7-year-old, Sailor Gutzler, managed to survive a tragic plane crash on the night of January 5th, that left every single one of her family members dead. 

The Gutzler family was returning home from vacation on their private plane, when Dad began to experience engine trouble. He was in frantic search of the closet airport moment before crashing into the woods in Kuttawa, Kentucky. On board were Dad and Mom, their two daughters and cousin. The only survivor was daughter, Sailor. 

Hear this young girl's incredible story of survival, first discovering her entire family was dead, then walking through the woods for hours to find shelter. They're calling her story a miracle and when you hear it, you'll know why.

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