A Reminder To All Moms…You Are LOVED!


Whenever I celebrate birthdays
with my friends and family, I try to come up with the most creative and genuine
birthday cards. The store-bought cards are great too, but I love to add a
personal touch to show my love! Sometimes I use pictures from a memorable trip
that year, or get crafty with scrapbooking paper and stickers.

After watching this video, I
have found my inspiration for the next birthday card I make! This thoughtful
dad came up with the genius idea to videotape his 2-year-old daughter wishing
her mom a happy birthday.

She lists the reasons why she
loves her mom and shows that she truly is the “GREATEST mommy.” My heart about
melted when she said, “you work so hard, and I miss you when you’re gone.” I
think I speak for all daughters close to their moms, because that feeling never
really goes away, even when you’re much older than 2-years-old!

Try not to smile while watching
this; it’s just not possible!
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