After 28 Years Apart, a Reality TV Show Helps Reunite a Father and Son!


It took over a decade, a span of continents, a reality show, one good Samaritan, and A LOT of luck to help one young man meet his father for the first time! 

In this video, we are about to witness Barry Bogart Jr. meeting his father who, since birth, has been nothing but a mystery. Before the tearful reunion happens, we discover the way it came about - and it will blow you away!

A participant on a Philippine's reality show, Barry talked publicly about his mother's death and his hope to someday connect with his father whom he had never met. 

Another orphan, and complete stranger, located an ocean away, happened to see Barry's heartfelt plea and decided he had to do something. This man, Greg, began making phone calls and eventually tracked down both Barry and his father. 

Thanks to a little help from this complete stranger, a family was able to reconnect! Here, we watch the reunion all go down, and it's just as emotional as you would expect!

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