These Therapeutic Dogs Are Helping our Wounded Warriors More Than We Could Ever Imagine


“He cheers me up, lets me forget about the fact that I’m in
a wheelchair,” Spc. Nicholas G. Koulchar.

I can’t even begin to imagine what our wounded soldiers go
through on a daily basis. Not only are they healing physically, but mentally
and emotionally as well. It’s nice to know that places like the Walter Reed
Army Medical Center are providing our soldiers an invaluable resource –therapy

These therapy dogs help our wounded soldiers in more ways
than we could ever possibly imagine. And this video from the Military Health
System shows just that.

These dogs provide love, comfort, support, happiness and
much more to these men and women. They break the ice and help them transition
into their new way of life.

Seeing these big military men get emotional and soft at the
unconditional love from their therapy dog brought tears to my eyes.

What these therapy dogs do for our soldiers is amazing. What
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