An Unexpected Member of the Family Is Left In The Burning Home. What Firefighters Do To Save It’s Life Is SURREAL!


Cory Kalanick, a firefighter with the Fresno Fire Department in Fresno, CA, has dedicated his entire life to saving lives. But it was an overnight awareness from the public that has everyone calling him a hero. 

During one of his rescue's he attached his GoPro camera to his helmet so that he could show others how surreal his job is. The last thing he expected was to save this unexpected creature from this burning home, and he manages to get the entire experience on camera! When he shared his video, the world started learning his name as the kitten hero. 

Watch this firefighter become a hero for all of mankind and felines everywhere when he rescues this tiny kitten from a burning house. It's an amazing moment to experience with him!

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