Famous Comedian Teaches Important Lesson in Deleted Scene


This video is going viral - but not for the reason you may think. Yes, famous TV personality Louis C.K. may be the star of the skit, but the message behind the video is what's making it spread like wildfire! 

It is a lesson on the importance of manners and how a simple "sorry," which can at times be so hard for one to say, could be the easiest solution to an unnecessary conflict. 

The dad in the video is trying to teach his daughter the importance of an apology, when a woman accidentally bumps into the daughter as she passes by. The lesson takes a tricky turn when the woman refuses to apologize. This obviously confuses the daughter as she doesn't understand how it's fair that this lady shouldn't have to say "sorry."

Of course the video goes a bit to the extreme (it is a skit by a comedian we mustn't forget) when the woman is ultimately arrested for assaulting a minor. But, in the end, the daughter helps teach the vital lesson and its truly touching!

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