Frank the French Bulldog Farts Under Pressure! Haha!


a new cat to your dog can either go surprisingly well, or extremely bad! It’s
always fun to see a little kitten play nicely with a dog, but it usually takes
some time to get used to each other first.

This video
shows the first time Frank, the French bulldog, met Snarf, the Persian kitten.
Luckily, Frank is not a huge dog, so he’s not too intimidating for the kitten.
Snarf is the cutest little fur ball I’ve ever seen!

The owner
was so surprised when he heard Frank’s reaction, and I was too! Apparently
Frank has a hard time controlling himself when he’s under stress! 

By the end
of the video, Snarf is still not very excited about his new friend Frank.
Hopefully these two are much better friends now!

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