He Refuses To Marry Her, But She INSISTS! This Is SO Darn Cute!


There's nothing more admirable than a little girl who is determined, grounded, and knows exactly what she wants! But little boy doesn't think so. In fact, he finds the little girl's drive incredibly tormenting!

She insists that she is going to marry him. Yup, that's right, join his hand in holy matrimony and there's no changing her mind- not even his hollers and screams! He is just going ballistic at the idea! Mom doesn't make the matter easier for him either as she urges the little girl to "tell him!" 

This is probably the only time this young boy is going to be so against the idea of ladies so I'd probably capture it all on film too. What a great video to entertain the crowd at their wedding!

This is the most entertaining video I've seen all day!

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