Her Legs Are Paralyzed at the End of EVERY Race but It Doesn’t Stop Her from Running


Kayla Montgomery is one of the best long distance runners in
the country but there is something very different about her. Kayla has been diagnosed
with multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a disease where the body attacks itself and
it’s central nervous system often causing muscle spasms and paralysis.

When Kayla was given the diagnosis she thought her days of
playing sports were over but she believed in herself and found a coach that
believed in her too. She slowly bettered herself and became a faster and faster
runner despite the fact that she would lose feeling in her legs EVERY time she
ran. At the end of every single race her coach was there to catch her and cool
her down until the feeling in her legs would come back.

Her last race was an emotional one and a nail biter down to
the very end but she did NOT let MS get the best of her. Her coach could not have been more proud of her performance while
on the team!

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