How’d You Feel if You Got a Letter From Your Teenage Self? One Teacher Changed Their Lives Forever


“I’m just a regular teacher who happened to assign a rather
different assignment,” Bruce Farrer said. Little did he know this ‘rather
different assignment’ would impact the lives of his students in ways he
couldn’t possibly imagine.

Every year, high school teacher Bruce Farrer asks his
students to write a letter to their future selves. At the time these high
school students don’t think much of it.

As the years go on they graduate high school and go out into
the real world. They might get married, land their dream job, bring a new life
into this world, have a loved one die, and probably experience events their
high school selves never even fathomed.

And then 20 years later they get a letter in the mail from
their old teacher, Mr. Farrer. 

Farrer never lets his students down. No matter where they are in the world, he tracks them down
and mails them each their letter 20 years later, as promised. 

Reading letters from their high school selves
impacts and touches them more than they thought possible.

“It’s like this little gift of somebody that I’ve forgotten
years ago,” said one student.

Seeing these students read their letters and experience the
rush of emotions it brought back moved me to tears. This video is a tribute to
the amazing impact Bruce Farrer has made on his students’ lives.

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