I Can’t Believe She Did THIS with a Plant She Got in School!


In third-grade, everyone in Katie’s class was sent home with
a cabbage plant. As Katie watched that cabbage grow into a forty-pound giant
her passion for gardening grew with it. She donated her cabbage to a local soup
kitchen and was able to help serve it to everyone who came in that day. Katie
thought to herself that if one cabbage could feed that many people…what could a
whole garden do?!

Katie now has people from all over the country calling her
asking to donate money or interested in starting a garden of their own. She has
her friends, family and others in her community helping her to eliminate
hunger. She knows that hunger is too big for just one person to take on but
just like her cabbage, you never know what can grow from just one thing. She
has big dreams and hopes to have 500 gardens in the continental US.

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