I had NO Idea Red Foxes did THIS to Catch Their Prey!


Red foxes living in the Dakotas of North America are,
evidently, amazing animals! Nature never ceases to amaze me.

What do you do if you’re living in an area that is blanketed
in snow, with no sign of life anywhere? Well, if you’re a red fox you look
BENEATH the snow for your food!

The fox in this video dives headfirst into the snow to find
field mice that are living deep beneath the surface. Using its extra sensitive
hearing, the magnetic field of the North Pole, and immense concentration he
waits and listens for the sounds of the mice.

Then BOOM! Dives in headfirst! Most of the time he comes up
empty handed, UNLESS it’s using the magnetic field of the North Pole. When he
hunts facing north he is guaranteed a meal almost 75% of the time.

How cool is that?!

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