If You’ve Never Heard of Coca-Cola Chicken Wings, You NEED To See This Video


Although it pains me to write this, the truth
of the matter is we have less than a month left of summer. While it certainly doesn’t
feel like it (hello, heatwave) we’ll soon be putting our flip flops away and
breaking out the boots and scarfs.

It’s always a bummer to wave goodbye to summer,
but there’s one magical thing that occurs in fall that makes it all better. The
beginning of football season. Whether you’re a football fan or not, I think we
can all agree that football season has a little something for everyone. The food
and beer are enough for me!

And nothing says football season quite like
chicken wings. Chicken wings and football go together like peanut butter and
jelly. So much so, that on Super Bowl Sunday Americans will eat more than a
BILLION chicken wings. That’s a whole lot of wings.  

I’m sure we’ve all had average, run-of-the-mill
chicken wings like buffalo, teriyaki and BBQ … but have you ever had Coca-Cola chicken wings? Before watching
this video I had never heard of it!

To take boring, regular wings from drab to fab
all you’re going to need are chicken wings, soy sauce and Coca-Cola! I know it
might sound strange, but hear me out.

The girl in this video walks us through her
family Coca-Cola chicken wing recipe, which she said her mom has been making
for years. She starts off by marinating the wings in soy sauce for about 15
minutes. Then she pops the marinated wings in a pan on the stove and starts
frying them. Next, she adds one cup of Coca-Cola and lets them simmer for about
15 minutes.

And voila! Coca-Cola chicken wings. Try out
this unusual recipe and let us know what you think! They’d go great with an end
of summer BBQ or football party!

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