OMG! Sons Love Poking Fun At Moms- No Matter What Age!


Moms can talk forever! There’s
always a new story to be told or topic to be discussed, and sometimes those
conversations can be hard to follow!

This video depicts a
30-year-old man named Nik and his cousin lip-syncing a conversation between his
mom and aunt. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, but it’s too funny! Nik
recorded this chat between the sisters, and then pretended the conversation was
actually between him and his cousin!

In this silly video, the two
sisters talk about everything from movies, to fruit, to gardening and even new
shoes! Then, the two men act out how they imagined the women had the
conversation. The video is titled, “Sisters: Episode 1,” so I guess that means
there will be more to come from this ridiculous duo!

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