She Was Born With a Rare Condition But That Doesn’t Make Her Any Less Cute and Sassy! Adalia Rose Is ADORABLE!


Aging affects every single person worldwide, but not quite like it affects this little girl. Adalia Rose was born with Progeria, a rare genetic condition that results in rapid, premature aging amongst children. Although she looks a bit different from the average child, Adalia is your typical 6 year-old, who loves to make dancing Youtube videos, play at the water parks, and hang out with her friends.

Watch Adalia have some fun with one of her best friends, Bling. They play the  staring contest and it never looked so fun! From the looks of it, these two have a great bond. She's absolutely adorable! 

You can follow Adalia Rose on Rose and on Twitter @TheAdaliaRose!

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