So THIS Is How You Cut Large Fruits! It’s SO Simple!


Raise your hand if your summer fantasies also include lounging by the poolside with sliced fruit at hand? I know mine sure does! But the last thing I want to worry about is slicing up those hard to cut fruits,(that just so happen to be my favorite too!)

Thanks to  Bryan Tallbot, a young aspiring chef, I no longer have to dread cutting fruit, because he makes it so easy!

In this simple tutorial, Bryan provides a step-by-step tutorial on cutting those hard-to-hold, large fruits. Step one, a mistake I always make, he advises to ALWAYS use a sharp knife when slicing fruit. Watch as his knife easily slices through the tough pineapple core as if it were butter! It's hard to believe that his fruit doesn't slip and slide under his fingers like mine always does! 

What I appreciate most about this video is the ending, when he shares his hard work with his girlfriend. There's nothing more attractive than a man who prepares food for his lady!

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