The Only Person Missing At Her Wedding Was Her Disabled Mother- Until The Last Song Of The Night Came With A Surprise!


There's plenty that one could imagine to go wrong at a wedding. The cake could fall to pieces, the dress could get snagged, or the DJ could play 80's music all night long! The last thing anyone would imagine to go wrong is for a loved one to not be there on that very special day. For one bride, that's exactly what went wrong, and her wedding was a nightmare come true... or was it?

Her mother, who was diagnosed with ALS just a few years prior, fell at the ceremony and was rushed to the hospital. Due to a major concussion, she would not be able to attend the wedding. But just when the bride thought her wedding day was ruined, the final song of the night came with a beautiful surprise! 

Just when the bride was finally accepting her incomplete wedding, her mother, dressed in a hospital gown, appeared to dance one last song with her daughter. Grab the tissues! This beautiful moment just might move you to tears! 

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