This A Capella Group Performs Your Favorite Disney Songs and It Might be The Most Magical Thing Ever


Are you ready to be blown away? I bet you’ve never heard
Disney songs performed like this! Doo Wop Shop A Capella group takes nine of
your favorite Disney songs and performs them in the most amazing way possible!

A capella seems to be making a comeback and I am loving it!
And this group from UMass Amherst knows how to do a capella right.

Their performance starts off with Circle of Life and covers
all your classic favorite songs in between. From ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ to ‘Part
of Your World’ they cover some amazing fan favorites.

What did you think of their performance? Did they leave out
any of YOUR favorite songs?!

Watch this outstanding performance from Doo Wop Shop A
Capella then SHARE with your
friends! I think the end is the best part!

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