This Adorable Baby Girl Does the Cutest Thing When She Sees her Dad’s First Shave!


Babies can have the cutest reactions to the simplest things.
Everything they see, hear, taste, or touch is completely new to them. Which can
mean that something as simple as shaving a beard can cause quite a reaction!

The adorable baby girl in this video had only known her dad
to have a beard. Until the day he decided to shave when she was one-years-old.

When a man shaves his beard he can look like a totally
different person! So I can only imagine what was running through this little
girl’s mind.

But instead of freaking out, she does the cutest thing ever.
I almost couldn’t believe it when I first saw it – it was just too cute!

Please watch and then SHARE
this cute little girl’s priceless reaction!

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