This Car Accident Should Have Taken Her Life, But By The Grace Of God, She Survived!


After seeing this image of the remains of 19-year-old Brittany Erding's car, floating in the icy water, I have NO idea how she could have possibly survived such a terrible crash! But the important thing is - she did. 

Trying to drive through the ice-ridden Minnesota roads one night, her car lost traction and plunged into the river below. As the water rushed in, in what should have been the last minutes of her life, Brittany's survival instinct kicked into high gear. 

She maneuvered her way to the back seat and out the back window, jumping on the floating broken pieces of ice to the edge of the river. She then walked to a nearby home - for the most part, unscathed!

Without any logical reason why she was able to walk away from that crash, we can only assume it was a miracle from God!

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