This Dance Routine has it all! Silly, Cute, Fun, Amazing – I Love it!!


Disguised as an elderly man and woman, professional
choreographers Keone and Mariel Madrid are about to put on a surprising
performance for their audience. The two waddle out to the middle of the dance
floor, playfully imitating older people who aren’t so nimble on their feet

The music starts – “Is this Love” by Bob Marley – and the
fun begins. At first, the movements are slow and silly, keeping up with the
“elder” façade. As the song plays on, the routine becomes wonderfully complex
while still working in sync with the lyrics.

 I absolutely love
that the two stay in character the entire dance. With so much individual talent
– these two were made for each other!

The entire performance put a smile on my face! I don’t think
they could have picked a better song either! SHARE this fun performance on Facebook!

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