This Is One MakeUp Tutorial EVERY Woman Should See! It’ll Change Your Life.


Thanks to the unrealistic standards that society sets for women, makeup can alter the way people perceive you
and ultimately critic you a person. It’s no wonder why so many women depend on makeup tutorials to get just the right look. But this makeup tutorial by internet sensation, Anna Akana, is one like you’ve never seen before and you'll be so grateful you did!  

Ana guides us through her makeup process every morning. First, she dabs her face with a little optimism, lines it with perspective, fills it in with positive thoughts, blends it with balance, adds a moderate amount of kindness and, of course, covers it with high self-esteem!

Even the F-Bomb she drops in the beginning of the tutorial is much appreciated because, let's be honest, the more we focus on the process of a goal rather than the result, the happier we truly will be!

This tutorial is nowhere near professional, but one we can appreciate as women in this ridiculous, particular society. Stay beautiful, inside and out, ladies! 

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