This Sweet, Caring Dog Defied all Expectations And Became a Hometown Hero


Ellie the pit bull is a perfect example that a little love
and understanding can go a LONG way. Despite what many people think about her
breed, Ellie is one of the kindest, most compassionate dogs I’ve ever seen.

As her owner states in this video, “Ellie’s path was chosen
to be a therapy dog.” So much so, that Ellie is the 2013 Hero Dog Award winner
for the Therapy category, and was also named the overall 2013 American Hero

Most known for her efforts with children, law enforcement
and the elderly – Ellie changes lives on a daily basis. From brightening the
day of an elderly man, to helping children learn how to read, Ellie’s therapy
efforts are nothing short of a miracle.

It was so touching to hear all the stories of the impact
Ellie has made on all these people’s lives. She really is a hero in the hearts
of everyone in that town.

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