This Video Shows the Reality of Texting and Driving. One Quick Glance Can Change Your Life Forever


Liz Marks was your average high school girl. She loved
hanging out with her friends, shopping at the mall, bowling, going to high
school football games.

Once she started driving her mom had the same worries every
parent does. She worried about her being safe, hanging out with the right
crowd, not drinking and driving, getting good grades, etc. But even her worst
fears couldn’t imagine what actually happened.

Her mom would always ask her, ‘Do you text and drive?’ And
time and time again Liz would say no. She said she ignored the warnings about
texting and driving because she thought she was okay.

“I thought I was invincible,” she said. “I clearly was completely

One day while Liz was driving she received a text message
from her mom. She looked down to respond and by the time she looked up it was
too late. She went from reading a text message in her car, to being in ICU.

As a result of the accident, Liz’s life has changed forever
– in more ways than one. This video really opened up my eyes to how dangerous
texting and driving can be.

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