Train station quarrel almost gets a guy ran over by incoming train! WATCH what happens!


You know how sometimes you fight with people but you don't really mean them any serious harm? Like sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we'll say or do something really hurtful, but if push came to shove we really wouldn't want to cause anyone pain?

Well, two brawling men personified that sentiment in this shocking video filmed at a train station in Switzerland. We don't really know what sets off the dispute - the two men just start grabbing each other and pushing violently. One of them gets pushed off onto the train tracks and THEN! The amazing thing is his assailant pulls him off the tracks so he doesn't get hit by the train! And then they just continue going at it! How silly and hilarious!

It just goes to show that even when we're angry at people, deep down we really would not want them to suffer - at least not permanently haha! SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!

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