Ummm…He’s Doing WHAT at the Dinner Table?!


This video is a great demonstration of how distracted kids can be these days thanks to good ole technology!

We watch as a family sits down at the dinner table to enjoy a nice dinner. As soon as they all begin to eat, the two boys immediately pick up their phones and embark on a texting frenzy.

When the father asks one of the sons to pass him the salt, the boy absentmindedly hands him the pepper. 

In order to make a point to his kids, the dad then breaks out an old typewriter, hammering away at the keys. The kids look at him like he's crazy, where he then makes a comment about being distracted.

Understanding, the boys look at each other in a moment of realization and put their phones away. 

This problem of distraction is all-too common these days! SHARE this video to help drive the point home! 

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