When One of their Own was Diagnosed with ALS, what His Fellow Firefighters Did to Support Him is Nothing Short of Incredible!


Ellen is always one to bring inspiring families and their incredible stories on to her show. After receiving multiple emails about one family in particular, she decided they deserved to make an appearance and share their incredible story with the world.

Matt has been a Pittsburg firefighter for 8 years where he lives at home with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Matt has also been diagnosed with ALS. Accepting the cards that they were dealt with, this family has chosen to stay unbelievably positive throughout it all!

The support he has received from their friends, family, and even strangers has been unbelievable. But in particular - from his fellow firefighters. This amazing group of men have taken over all of Matt's shifts so he can still have a paycheck coming in to take care of his family!

Watching the firefighters speak so highly of their friend, Matt, had my eyes swimming in tears!

Ellen, of course, has a little surprise of her own! Watch as the surprise unfolds...I guarantee you'll be sobbing! SHARE

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