Who Knew It Was SO UNFAIR Being A Cheerleader in the NFL? I’m Speechless.


America's favorite sports league his now undergoing investigation to reveal just how discriminatory it may actually be. The National Football League possess some of the most talented men in football. From Peyton Manning to Tom Brady, there's no denying these men are talented, and if it's not evident enough in their performance on the field, it's definitely clear in their paycheck.

But they're not the only members of the league who are talented. Cheerleaders play a significant role in the sport, which is why there's a squad for every football team. They provide excitement and entertainment to the sport Americans just admire! Then why are they speaking out about how unhappy they are with their treatment in the league? This video shows just how tough, and extremely unfair, it is to be a cheerleader in the NFL. 

Not only do these women have to maintain a certain beauty standard, every cheerleader must under go a "jiggle test," a test that determines whether or not they're literally "fit" enough to be apart of the team. From how much to talk to how much to eat, it's unbelievable what standards the NFL puts on these women.

Wow, who knew?

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