Who Knew Penguins Could Make Such Great Pets?!


Meet Lala, a ten year old king penguin, who has found his new home with a loving family in Japan. A bit far from his original home in the
chilly Antartic, Lala has quickly adjusted and grown incredibly adjusted to his new place of residence. 

Being a king penguin couldn’t be more fitting to his current
living situation as he really is living like a king! Lala has his own room,
fully equipped with powerful air condition to keep him completely comfortable.
But Lala is an adventurous one and doesn't spend much time tucked away in his room – he is given free run of the
entire property.

That's not good enough for Lala, however! He isn’t exactly what
you would call a homebody. Nope. Lala LOVES to travel. You will often find him
venturing off to town. Mom and dad pack up his backpack and send him on his
way. When Lala hits the road, his favorite destination – of course – is the
fish store! Here he is given multiple treats, his favorites being sardines and mackerel.
He even gets a doggie bag for the trip back home!

Living in a city known for its heat and humidity, Lala
always stops at a neighbors yard for a quick cool down in the hose. After the
refreshing pit stop, off he goes again! Once back home, mom unpacks his bag and
he enjoys the rest of the day spending some quality time with the family!

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