Why Do YOU Wear Your Wedding Ring On the 4th Finger? This Explains It PERFECTLY!


Have you ever wondered why we wear our wedding ring on our fourth finger? There are many cultural theories that explain why. For instance, ancient grecians believe that a vein led directly from the fourth finger to the heart. Traditional Christian priests said love arrives at the fourth finger after the first three, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. 

But this Chinese traditional belief of why we wear our wedding ring on the fourth finger my most favorite of them all. 

Once you get over the creepy voice narration of this video, the message is absolutely beautiful. It not only incorporates your love partner, it also includes your parents, siblings and children! After all, life isn't just about finding your soul mate, but also about the people who come before and after! 

Now if only someone can explain why we wear the wedding ring on the left hand... 

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