Warning: Do Not Buy These Things on Black Friday

You’ve been practicing karate for the past three months to prepare for this special day — Black Friday. You’re ready to get the best deals on any and all items.

But some of the most logical things to buy on Black Friday actually aren’t. Keep reading to find out why.

Christmas Decorations

Companies know you’re planning to get the greatest deals on all items Christmas, which will be right around the corner. You might see ads for holiday ornaments and lawn features at 30-40% off. But suppress those urges. Once January hits, most stores will sell their excess Christmas inventory at 70-90% off, since they’ll be trying to get rid of as much as possible. 

We know you’ll see the next best blow-up lawn Rudolph on sale, but resist the urge to buy it at the end of November or early December. Keep your eyes on the prize and buy next year’s Christmas decorations in January to save the most money.

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As you push your way through the aisles of retail clothing stores, you’ll see tons of signs that say the items in your hand are on sale, or there’s a special discount in, say, women’s heels. But most in-store Black Friday deals for clothes are too specific to save you money overall. Chances are, you don’t want to buy that specific shirt that has that specific sale just for itself. Chances are, the things you want will be full price. 

That’s why you should wait for Cyber Monday to buy clothes, as most retailers will have site-wide sales that will save you more money in the long run. You can see which sites will have Cyber Monday sales here

Shopping for clothes online is always tricky, as you’re not sure how an item will look on you unless you try it on. But have a list of your measurements ready and bite the bullet — stores will let you return items within a certain period anyway.

Fitness Equipment

Black Friday is great, but it doesn't have anything on New Years’ in terms of exercise equipment, clothes, and other things fitness. If you want to buy an exercise bike, it would be best to wait until after Christmas to snatch up the best deals. 

After the holidays, people are itching to shed the pounds gained from Thanksgiving and Christmas, and companies are even itchier to meet those demands. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t seize the perfect Black Friday sale if you have your eye on a specific exercise machine you’ve wanted for a while. But otherwise, wait for the even bigger deals that come after Christmas and run throughout January.


Black Friday seems like the best time to buy jewelry for loved ones, but it’s actually Valentine’s Day. Makes sense, right? More people expect their loved ones to give them jewelry on Valentine’s Day than they do on Christmas, where it’s acceptable to give a variety of presents much cheaper than jewelry. Wait a few extra months to find better deals. Since jewelry tends to be more expensive anyway, your bank account will feel the difference between a 20%- and 30%-off deal.

Latest Smartphones

While it seems wise to buy a smartphone on Black Friday, the best deals are actually ten months after the phone’s been released as phone manufacturers prepare to release their newest model. If you’re dying to have the newest iPhone as quickly as possible, you’ll find it in your best interest to pounce on a good Black Friday deal. Otherwise, wait an extra year to save the most money.

Large Appliances

That sale on a refrigerator might look enticing, but that’s because retailers or selling their older inventory in preparation for the new releases next year. If you don’t mind an older fridge, then use the sale. But note that you’re getting items knocked off an item that’s was cheaper anyway. Black Friday didn’t necessarily save you the money you think you’re saving.

Winter Clothes

In lots of places, it’s still going to be cold during November and December. Retailers have a vested interest in still selling winter clothes at not a completely reduced price since there will still be a demand. So wait until the start of spring to find the best deals on winter clothes when the demand starts to wane. Retailers will want to free up their sales racks with less bulky items.


Black Friday seems like a steal for board games, video games, and children’s toys. However, toy companies are sneaky, and they want to tempt parents to wrap more presents under the Christmas tree for their children. 

As such, you’re more likely to see better deals on the days leading up to Christmas than on Black Friday. Again, there might be deals after Christmas as retailers try to empty their shelves with overstocked merchandise. Keep your eyes peeled. Black Friday itself is a sort of game, but keep the fun of saving money for Christmas.

Travel Deals

Black Friday may have some excellent sales on plane tickets, hotels, or other travel accommodations, but Cyber Monday is where the real deals are. Wait the few extra days to find the best vacation destinations at the most affordable prices. Black Friday feels like a wonderland to save money, but don’t fall into these common pitfalls. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, as they most likely are.

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