6 FREE Samples That Will Warm You Up!

Blog | February 10th, 2021

Where winter is concerned, many parts of the country are just getting started! Even in the southeast where you can have every season in one week, there are still some blustery cold and wet winter days ahead. As long as there’s the option to get warm, winter can be a breathtakingly beautiful season. As you enjoy marshmallow worlds and the beauty of winter wonderlands, stay warm and comfortable all winter long with a little help from some incredible products for the whole family!

Annie’s Mac and Cheese

The commercials say everybody doesn’t like something but nobody doesn’t like a certain baker named Sara. When it comes to warm comfort food, Annie easily takes the cake! Annie’s Mac and Cheese is organic so you know you’re getting real food, not artificial ingredients or dangerous pesticides. Plus, there are many varieties to choose from, including different shapes as well as a gluten-free option! If you want real, all over warming comfort food…this is it! Kids of all ages love macaroni and cheese!

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Get FREE Dunkin’, Starbucks or Folgers Coffee!

While coffee may be the best part of waking up, it’s also the best morning warm-up to get you going! A good decaf will take you in the opposite direction as you wind down in the evening with a hot cup topped with whipped cream and cinnamon for a special toasty treat. Seems indulgent but it’s really a low calorie, low sugar, cozy warm cap on your night that will help you slide into a deep slumber. With all the different flavor options, you’re certain to find one or more that you’ll fall in love with!


If you’re not a coffee fan, a steaming cup of tea will hit the same spot that coffee beans aim for. There are winter versions made just for this time of year that is filled with comforting spices to make every day warm and special. Be sure to choose a no caffeine option if it’s almost time for cushy covers and your long-awaited winter’s nap.


Save $1.00 on Quaker Oatmeal!

Cold breakfast on a winter morning? No thank you! Put the cereal back in the pantry, the milk in the coffee, and serve a bowl of stick to your ribs warmth that will keep you toastier than any toast! Add some chopped apples, roasted pecans and cinnamon then drizzle with butter for a breakfast no one can resist!

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Cute Socks

Get FREE Animal Socks!

The old saying says cold hands warm heart. But what about cold feet? All you ever hear about them is they are the culprit of someone wanting to back out of something. So in making up for the bad rap, wrap them in warmth with adorable socks! This happens to be a big trend these days, coming in all sorts of adorable, personality fitting designs. And who knows, maybe when the feet get warm those cold hands will too!

Bath Bombs

Get a FREE Bath Bomb Sample!

The ultimate way to end a chilly day is sinking into a relaxing, de-stressing bath. Forget Mr. Bubble and soak in the fragrance and skin-softening ingredients of a fizzy bath bomb. They come in an endless array of beautiful swirly, twirly colors and essential oils that will cure more than the temperature and winter blahs! From head to toe…a bath bomb a day makes the chill go away!

With all the comforting ways to warm the frosty days and nights…you might decide ol’ Jack isn’t so bad after all! There’s no place like a warm home on an icy cold night especially when it includes a bundle of free samples to warm every part of you and your winter world!

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