7 Lucky St. Paddy’s Savings Techniques You NEED To Adopt Today

Blog | March 4th, 2021

If you’re lucky, you’re saving money for a rainy day or even a sunny day. A penny saved is a penny earned any day and every day! In these times of skyrocketing bills, saving any form of cash can become out of reach. If we dig deep into our brain banks, I’m sure we can come up with at least seven lucky ways to save! Let’s get started!

Your Morning Wake Up

A stop by the coffee shop on the way to work is very tempting. It’s cold, you’re sleepy and it’s easy. Go ahead and set up your coffee pot at night so all you have to stumble and do is press a button. Some coffee machines are programmable! The whole process will take you a couple of minutes but will save you approximately $4 daily which totals $120 per month just for a wake-up boost. Not only that, it will save you minutes to your morning!

Carpools are Cool

Gas is expensive and prices continue to go up and down like a roller coaster. Riding with a buddy or two can save you a bundle. The amount depends on your car, how many are sharing, and how many days you drive or refrain from driving. Here’s an example: an average tank could costs you $30. It takes a tank of gas for three days, round trip. Carpool for those three days and you save that $30 weekly. That comes to a minimum of $120 monthly. Think a step further about the yearly total, saving $1,440 not to mention wear and tear, and fewer oil changes on your vehicle!

Stay Warm on a Budget

Lowering your thermostat to 68° in the cooler months can save up to 10% of your energy bill. Make up any chilly difference by adding an extra blanket on your bed, use a throw when watching TV, wear two pairs of warm socks or snuggle! Drink a cup of hot tea for warmth and nutrition. Another way to lower your heating bill is to cover door gaps and window drafts. You’ll feel an incredibly warm and cozy feeling when your power bill comes in with enough savings to add extra padding to your bank account.

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Bundle Up!

The term bundle up isn’t just for winter weather. If you own a car and a home, talk to your insurance company about bundling the two. I did a search and the percentages definitely depend on the company. This simple tweak will save you anywhere between 10% and 30% on the total. The amount saved will of course vary depending on your car, home value, and state. If your car insurance is $1,100 yearly, your homeowners are $2,400 and you get the top discount of 30% you’ll save $1,050 of that $3,500!

Grocery Savings

There are several ways to save on your monthly grocery bill. The obvious is never shop hungry! Plan your meals. Make a list and focus! Don’t stray from the list unless you see a fantastic sale that will in turn save you more money. Make one major grocery trip per month for the bulk with a quick stop for perishables every week or two.

Save with coupons but only on things you planned to purchase, not just because you have a coupon. Enjoy some browsing time after you’ve bought your necessities and are less likely to buy things on a whim. It’s hard to pinpoint the savings on this one. It depends on your family size, location, dietary needs, and more. Making a mental list of unnecessary splurges you could easily shave off $50 per week totaling out at $200 per month. Then you can save your profits or enjoy some nights away from the kitchen!

Rent a Room

Do you have a finished basement or spare bedroom? If so, rent it out! No one wants a total stranger living in their home but look around for single teachers, students, or a friend that’s just gone through a breakup. You can make a few extra hundred per month while saving your tenant money and providing them a safe, peaceful home. This scenario can be reversed as well. If it’s you in one of those situations, look for that room in someone’s home. You’ll be the one saving hundreds monthly over renting a pricey apartment or an entire house that you really don’t need.

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Buy Bulk

If you’re a meat-eater, purchasing small packages of any decent cut can get very expensive. Look for local free-range farmers. You’ll get better tasting, healthy non-hormone-induced meat. Buying in bulk will save a mint! Don’t need that much meat? Go in with family members or neighbors and share the savings! You can do the same thing with produce, eggs cheese, and other locally sourced items. Last Christmas we bought a fresh ham from a local farm. It was $60 for a ham that was the best we’ve ever had. It was raised humanely and it’s definitely not filled with chemicals.

A family of four got six meals and several sandwiches. Waiting in the freezer is the hambone that will produce a minimum of two more meals when it makes a huge pot of soup. That’s eight (plus) meals for four as a result of buying quality. Breaking it down that’s around $8 for the main course of each meal or close to $2 per person. You’ll have to do the math for your own situation but on average, you can fatten your bank account by approximately $200 monthly and you’ll be eating much better quality which can impact your health.

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