Everything You Should Stock Up On In September

Blog | September 13th, 2020

Another month has come and gone, but COVID-19 is still very present. How will schools respond to the start of a new school year? When will we be able to travel freely again? How much longer until extended families can get together? The questions are many, but the answers are few. As we continue to march forward towards a better new year, each month still has its pluses and promises. So, look on the bright side of everything and get busy stocking up for this September!

Camping Items

Many of us missed out on vacation in 2020. Even with the roller coaster of uncertainty still out there, you can safely enjoy a break away from home while being socially distanced. Take advantage of the pre-fall sales and clearances on outdoor and camping equipment! Pop-up a new tent and roll out discounted sleeping bags. Catch dinner with slashed savings on a fishing rod and cook it to perfection with an amazing deal on a portable grill. Sit back and relax under the stars in end-of-season lounge chairs. Soak up the savings along with peace and relaxation while getting a secluded break!

School Supplies 

It’s that time of year again regardless of where your classes are held! Be prepared no matter what the school systems decide. Whether at home or in person for classes, you’ll still need all the learning essentials. Right now, you can take advantage of everything from book bags to spiral notebooks at a fraction of their normal price!

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Healthy Snacks

A perfect stock up item for anyone who’s at home all day is something healthy to munch on. Think in terms of a quick grab-and-go to keep brain fog at bay and energy levels high while you work or study from home. You’ll find snacks on sale everywhere this September…tagged as back to school items… while being perfect everyday items!


This month, summer says goodbye for another year. As with all seasons, when they come to an end, that constitutes the best time to buy clothing for next year! So out with the old summer styles and in with the super savings!  Just remember to plan ahead for growth spurts and size changes. We want to stretch our dollars…not our clothing!

Non-Perishable Foods

Stock up on canned soups, meats, and veggies to whip up a quick meal or have something cozy ready when the temperature drops. It’s always a good idea to keep some “just in case foods” on hand…well, just in case! Snag a small freezer before new models arrive. It will eventually pay for itself when you fill it with money saved on frozen sale items. The gas you’ll save running to grocery stores is another plus!

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Assorted Summer Clearance Items

The obvious end of summer sales won’t go unnoticed in stores or online. As more and more back-to-school sales emerge, summer items lose their spotlight and head to the clearance corner. There are still warm days ahead which means plenty of time for a cheap investment. Grab some accessories for next year, or a small above ground pool for the last fling of summer. Take a few more cool dips before the weather does the same!

It’s Apple Season!

September 21 is the official last day of summer. Fall colors will be ablaze soon. With it comes the most delicious bounty of apples…meaning they will be plentiful and more affordable! Bake them, then load ‘em up with cinnamon, nuts, and ice cream. Cozy up your home with the fresh-baked aroma of apple cakes and cobblers. Or, eat them plain and simple as one of the healthiest snacks!

As times are changing, so are the seasons. In the midst of it all, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, to enjoy, and to stock up on! Happy Fall!