Nine Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash During Summer 2020

Blog | July 12th, 2020

Many budgets are suffering due to COVID-19 shutdowns and virus scares. Summer jobs for 2020 aren’t just for students this year. Most everyone could use extra cash right about now! Let’s plunge into summer with some ways to make that happen!


Pools, lakes, and beaches are in search of qualified lifeguards during the summer months! Most have to be trained and certified which are good skills to have even if you aren’t on the clock! Once certified, you could possibly be hired to train upcoming lifeguards as well!

Amusement Parks

Many amusement parks are still figuring out how they can successfully reopen and adhere to guidelines. So if you are proactive, you may be able to secure a job so that you are ready to work on the first day of reopening. Apply in advance for a better chance of beating the applicant crowd!

Lawn Care

When it’s summer, everything grows! Especially grass, shrubs, and weeds! With a lawnmower, weed eater, and hedge trimmer, you’re in business! Search for the countless customers that are either too busy, elders, or have health issues that may not permit doing yard work themselves. If you charge reasonable prices, you could turn your landscaping business into a year-round gig. And, you will feel good about helping neighbors in your community!

Babysitting or Childcare

Families with children often rely on two incomes. But in many cases, Mom and Dad both work outside the home. Even if one is a stay at home parent, they desperately need a break from time to time! Having a reliable person to trust with the care and safety of their kids is a rare commodity. If you fit that bill, word will travel quickly and you may accumulate more jobs than you need. Especially if the kids like you!

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Pet Care

We all love our pets. Keyword…our pets. But unfortunately, hotels, restaurants, beaches, and other summer getaway destinations aren’t as pet friendly as we are. Pet owners desperately need that occasional vacation but can’t bear leaving their furry family member in a cold, lonely kennel. Just as with childcare, a trusted pet sitter is hard to come by. This job can work in several ways…keeping the pet in your home, staying in the pet’s home, or dropping by a few times daily for a potty break, food/water refill, a few games of fetch, and a hug. If you build your clientele, you may have more than a seasonal job when weddings and future vacations are booked!

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Farmers’ Markets & Fruit Stands 

Summer yields the largest produce bounty of the year. Farmers’ markets, produce stands, and gardens could use extra help. From harvesting, loading, transporting, or tending to sales…you can enjoy the sights and smells of summer while increasing your income!

Seasonal Shops

If you live near any coast, you’ve hit the jackpot on places hiring. Tourism is up and shoppers are looking for anything “beachy.” Even if you don’t live near water, ice cream shops, shaved ice stands, and summer boutiques are most likely looking for seasonal help. Do a great job for summer and you’ll be on top of the hiring list for the holidays!

Towel Runner

Yes, much to my recent surprise, that is a thing! Golf courses, pool communities, hotels, etc… pay up to $9.00 an hour to simply run towels to the cleaning facility and return clean ones to designated areas. The job sometimes involves relieving attendants that hand out the towels so they can have lunch or dinner breaks.


Summer is a perfect time to teach what you know. It’s a convenient way for teachers to make money over summer break too. Many online teaching websites allow you to schedule your own hours and video conference to teach, giving you the flexibility to take on as much work as you’d like! Your students will appreciate the chance to learn in a setting that is one-on-one, focused on their personal growth, and where they can ask questions.

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