These 2020 Savings Tips Will Save You Hundreds

Blog | October 30th, 2019

If you want to save more money in 2020, it’s never too early to start planning how you’re going to do it. The following list of 2020 savings tips could save you hundreds of dollars. These are all tips that will help you lower costs on your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses.

Go Brandless

Do you buy Bounty paper towels? Stop. Those brand names will soak up your budget faster than the spills you use them for. These days, you can get generic, store brand products from stores like Target that are of comparable quality at much lower prices.

Purchase the generic brand for most of your items, with few exceptions for brand products you truly love or notice a difference in.

Eat Imperfect Produce

A lot of produce goes to waste because it has blemishes on it, so major supermarkets won’t purchase it. Now, there are ways you can buy that imperfect produce to decrease wastefulness while saving money.

Imperfect Foods is one new produce delivery service that delivers fresh fruits and veggies while allegedly saving you up to 30 percent of the cost of buying the same things at major grocery stores. Misfits Market is another option offering a similar service.

Either way, make sure that you’re buying produce that’s in season to get the best prices.

Buy In Bulk

If you don’t already buy in bulk, you should. It’s a smart way to save at least 20 percent of the cost of a lot of foods and home staples. Paper goods, non-perishables, laundry detergent, coffee, and non-perishables are the most cost-saving and smart things to buy in bulk. You can also do so for meat and frozen foods. Avoid produce and other perishable foods, as you tend to spend more just to waste it because the quantities are too much.

If you’re not a member of one of the bulk stores like BJ’s or Costco, be on the lookout for membership deals that can save you the cost of joining.

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Check The Dollar Store

This is a PSA that you should check out your local dollar stores to see what they offer. While you may not do all of your shopping there, a lot of them offer surprise bargains on products you already use or a very comparable replacement. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars each month.

In fact, similar to buying in bulk, you should find which stores offer the greatest bargains on your regular purchases and shop specifically for those items at those stores. Shopping for everything at one store isn’t the most economical option.

Reduce Your Car Usage

This tip is somewhat dependent on where you live. However, it pays to think of all the opportunities you have in your situation to reduce your car usage if you usually rely on using one. 

Reflect on when and how you use your vehicle. Try to identify unnecessary usage, like driving the half-mile to the corner store regularly or driving separately to regular events that you could carpool to. See if there are opportunities to use public transport. 

Reducing car usage can save you a lot of money on gas and maintenance. If you can get rid of your car entirely and rely on public transport, ridesharing, and car-sharing services like Zipcar, even better. 
At the very least, make sure you’re following these tips to save on car maintenance.

Use The One Day Rule

In the era of “click to purchase” and free two-day delivery, it’s easier than ever before to indulge in shop therapy. That may be great for your momentary peace-of-mind but will definitely hit your budget hard over time. 

Use the one day rule with your excess online purchases. If you really need it, you’ll really need it tomorrow. In most cases, the adrenaline of buying something will wear off and you’ll avoid spending money on things you don’t really need.

Write A Wish List

It doesn’t need to be your birthday for you to have a wish list. In fact, writing out some of the main things that you want to buy (and that you’ve wanted to buy for a while) can save you a bunch of money and help you focus on your goals.

For example, you may want a new computer, but don’t have the money to spend on it. In this situation, it’s typical for people to fill that desire with more achievable short term purchases that they can afford. However, you just end up spending a bunch of money on stuff you don’t actually want and never reach your goal.

If you establish a list of purchases you want to save for, this allows you to do so and encourages you not to spend wastefully by default. Not only will you save money, you’ll also feel really accomplished!

Shop For Past Season Clothes

When stores are transitioning their inventory to a new season is when you should strike. Clothing that is out of season or past season is the most discounted for the same exact thing you would have bought three months prior in the peak of its release. Don’t be duped by the marketing behind “needing the latest” release. You don’t, and you’ll save a bunch by not falling for it.

Make It Instead Of Buying

You may be surprised to hear that you can make a lot of the products you use every day for less money than you pay for them in stores. Often times, you can also make products better, healthier, and/or more suited to your personal tastes. This includes beauty products, home products, and more.

Now You’re Ready To Invest And Make More

By following these tips, you’re on your way to saving hundreds in 2020. To take things even further, check out ways you can begin investing those savings. If you’re looking to make cash in addition to saving it, you can make extra money from surveys and from the comfort of your own home.

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